Is He Joking? (Live) – Physical Album

‘Is He Joking?’ is the first live album by satirical singer-songwriter Chris Tavener. Chris takes over Manchester’s Three Minute Theatre for a one-man-show featuring brand new material (Faking Cool, Postcard Home) and older much-loved songs (Apocalypse Prediction, The Crisis In Northwich)

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Product Details

Chris Tavener’s 2018 live album release. Released on 27th April 2018


01 [Off Stage Nerves]

02 Praise Him

03 [Festival Spirit]

04 Let’s All Go To A Festival

05 [This Is Going Really Well]

06 Apocalypse Prediction

07 [This One’s In A Minor Key]

08 Faking Cool

09 [Witty Banter…]

10 Phoney Supremacy

11 [Taking A Gap Year]

12 Postcard Home

13 [The Old Glass of Water Trick]

14 I Got The Cliche Blues

15 [Serious Face]

16 She Was My Love

17 [Small Town Problems]

18 The Crisis In Northwich

19 [One Song Left To Play…]

20 The Funny Side

21 [Pretentious Music Concerts]

22 Modern Romance (She’s So Drunk)


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