CD Bundle

A CD bundle that collates Chris Tavener’s currently available discography.
Bundle includes:
‘Easy Ways To Be Happy’ (2022 – EP)
‘Is He Joking?’ (2018 – live album)
‘Faking Cool’ (2017 – single)
‘i’m sorrdy bi’m drunnk’ (2016 – EP)
‘Selling Out For Christmas’ (2016 – single)

For a product description and track list see below:


Product Details

‘Easy Ways To Be Happy’. Released on 20th May 2022.

01 All I Need

02 How To Truly Win At Life

03 Worldwide Superstar

04 Right Back Again

05 Bill Gates (And Other Thoughts)

‘Is He Joking? (Live)’. Released on 27th April 2018


01 [Off Stage Nerves]

02 Praise Him

03 [Festival Spirit]

04 Let’s All Go To A Festival

05 [This Is Going Really Well]

06 Apocalypse Prediction

07 [This One’s In A Minor Key]

08 Faking Cool

09 [Witty Banter…]

10 Phoney Supremacy

11 [Taking A Gap Year]

12 Postcard Home

13 [The Old Glass of Water Trick]

14 I Got The Cliche Blues

15 [Serious Face]

16 She Was My Love

17 [Small Town Problems]

18 The Crisis In Northwich

19 [One Song Left To Play…]

20 The Funny Side

21 [Pretentious Music Concerts]

22 Modern Romance (She’s So Drunk)

‘Faking Cool. Released on 21st July 2017

01 Faking Cool

02 I Got The Cliché Blues (Live)

‘i’m sorrdy b’im drunnk’. Released on 19th May 2016

01 Super Cool Sadie

02 Modern Romance (She’s So Drunk)

03 Apocalypse Prediction

04 I’m Better Than You

‘Selling Out For Christmas’. Released on 3rd December 2016

01 Selling Out For Christmas

02 Selling Out For Christmas (Live)